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     The Bright Angel Frontier Project is the work of a small, informal group of people who love the Southwest.  We are brought together by a belief that the competing interests in this area can be largely reconciled by creating a richer and more varied menu of land-use options.  Work on this project has come from people in many walks of life.  The greater part of it has been done, however, by people who are either lawyers or land-management professionals.  We believe that the special asset that we bring to the ongoing land-use discussion is our familiarity with relatively complex, relatively sophisticated legal settlements.  This project was founded by Neil Averitt, a lawyer with ties to both Washington and the rural West.  He spent his childhood summers in Cedar City, Utah, where his father was mapping as a coal geologist; went to high school in Denver, Colorado; and now works in Washington, D.C.

We are not, and do not aspire to be, a membership organization with political strength on the ground.  We prefer to see ourselves instead in the role of honest broker.  Our goal is to develop the details of the Bright Angel proposal, to bring the proposal into general circulation, and then to commend it to a balanced mix of other organizations that do have political strength.  We hope that they will find the Bright Angel approach to be an effective and attainable means of achieving their own, presently stalemated objectives.

We would be glad to hear from people who share our goals and are interested in actively working on some part of the project.


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